I Got a Jawbone

Deep and insightful rap about Samson from Dave and Gus!

Weekend Fun



Park with Andy, Mollie and Hazel followed by some FIFA 2010 pwnage, check the goals!

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Off to Edinburgh

We’re off to Edinburgh for castle tours and Christmas shopping with Erin Hanson! Check the cool horn band at the queen street station:

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A Challenging Game

After movie night on Monday, we set up a little game using Hazel’s ‘cookie jar’ shape sorter toy. Object: Throw something in the jar! It proved to be quite challenging, none of us could pull it off. But then, it happened:

Booyah. Erin for the win.

Wingdome 7 Alarm Wing – Been There, Done That

I went to Wingdome last night last month (my wordpress install got funky, I’m back in action now!) with some friends and was dared to try the 7 alarm wing along with two others. It arrived on a little salad with lettuce and tomato, and was SURROUNDED in thick, spicy sick sauce. It smelled like dirt coated in jalepenos:

There were sour faces, tears and lots of laughs. My stomach hurt for days!